Oakland: Lessons about work and wealth from Karl Marx’s Capital

Ruthles Criticism are organizing a class and discussion group in Oakland CA for fall 2013:

Lessons about work and wealth from Karl Marx’s Capital

Capitalism, which Marx analyzed and criticized in its emergent phase, has changed in some ways since then, but not in anything really essential: the growth of money is still the goal commanding labor; working people are still a cost factor, thus the negative variable of the company’s goal; the productive power of labor, the greatest source of material wealth, is still developed solely for the goal of saving money on wages and laying off employees – hence making workers poorer.

That’s why this long forgotten and misunderstood thinker deserves to be read. His book Capital helps to explain the economic reality of the world today. We will show this with a close reading of quotes from the first chapter of “Capital” Volume 1, “The Commodity.” It offers insights into use value and exchange value, concrete and abstract labor, money and benefit, work and wealth – paired together, terms which the modern world can no longer distinguish, although they really contain the most brutal antagonisms.

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