Freie Presse = gleichgeschaltete Presse

On Monday the Guardian carried a story that British intelligence had spied on delegates at two G20 summits, those chaired by Gordon Brown in 2009. Laptops and mobile phones had been hacked, and internet cafes installed and bugged. With many of the same heads of government gathering for the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, the story was, to put it mildly, sensational.

The source was the American whistleblower, Edward Snowden, whose revelations about the US National Security Agency had been running in the Guardian and Washington Post for a week. It was initially hinted at by other British media but was covered by a D-notice (warning against publishing anything that could damage national security) from the government.

It vanished from general view. When the foreign secretary, William Hague, was questioned by the BBC on Monday, no mention was made of the affair. The media has been bidden to ignore the story and has done so. This was despite it running in leading newspapers round the world, from America and Europe to China and Russia.

aus dem Guardian vom 19.6.2013

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