Aufheben: „What was the USSR? Part I: Trotsky and State Capitalism“

Auf der anarchistischen Webseite hat die Gruppe Aufheben („Our influences included the Italian autonomia movement of 1969-77, the situationists, and others who took Marx’s work as a basic starting point and used it to develop the communist project beyond the anti-proletarian dogmatisms of Leninism (in all its varieties)“) vor einigen Jahren ein Projekt vorgelegt der

„analysis of the economic system of the Soviet Union by examining the most common theories about its nature – Trotsky’s degenerated workers state, and Tony Cliff’s state capitalism.“

Sie leiteten das so ein:

„The Russian Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the USSR as a ‚workers‘ state‘, has dominated political thinking for more than three generations.
In the past, it seemed enough for communist revolutionaries to define their radical separation with much of the ‚left‘ by denouncing the Soviet Union as state capitalist. This is no longer sufficient, if it ever was. Many Trotskyists, for example, now feel vindicated by the ‚restoration of capitalism‘ in Russia. To transform society we not only have to understand what it is, we also have to understand how past attempts to transform it failed. In this and future issues we shall explore the inadequacies of the theory of the USSR as a degenerated workers‘ state and the various versions of the theory that the USSR was a form of state capitalism.“

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